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The 8th House
This is the house that Freud built!
(and Carl Jung moved into later on and transformed...)

Updated March 24, 2017


How's this for a telling visual image of the astrological 8th house? Baggage... yep... one of the archetypal images of the 8th house is that of emotional baggage from the past that's unconsciously sabotaging your ability to live fully in the present...

The 8th house (with affinities to Scorpio and Pluto) often refers to repressed forgotten memories tucked far away in what Dr. Carl G. Jung referred to as the "personal unconscious."

Some of these forgotten memories are traumatic, explosive memories that have scarred our psyches. All are memories we'd much rather forget and - for that matter - have likely managed to repress and forget...

8th house memories may be memories of cruelties done to us. On the other hand, they may be comprised of memories of the cruelties we've visited upon others. And over the course of time - we've, somehow, managed to stuff these skeletons far, far away and into the deepest, darkest closets, basements and recesses of our psyche.

"Astrologically, planets in the 4th, 8th and 12th may suggest energies, patterns and qualities which are inherited but that need individual consciousness to release their most positive dimensions. Left unconscious, they may release more destructive dimensions, impelling the individual into compulsive behaviour which results in events which feel 'fated.'" Liz Greene - from "The Oracle and the Family Curse"

"When an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside as fate."
C.G. Jung
Aion, CW 9ii

It's a simple rule. In the birth chart: whatever we refuse to "live out" for ourselves, we will in turn unconsciously behave and act in ways which force the people around us to "live out" for us.

"The more we become conscious of our shadow's intentions and behavior, the less of a threat it is and the more psychologically substantial we become." Darryl Sharp

And, yes, we may think that we have forgotten them - but they survive, nevertheless, and remember us only too well!

Ghosts and Ghouls

The ghostly shadow memories of the 8th House can come creeping back and haunt us in the form of irrational fears and anxieties, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, unfounded jealousies and paranoia. As such, they have the power to cripple our ability to live fully in the present. They may likewise hobble our ability to participate in healthy, mutual relationships with the people in our lives.

These shades groan and cry out hauntingly for redemption.

And if we're to be free of our shackles -

  • we must honestly confront them and their justifiable anger at being buried and locked away for so long
  • affirm their necessary presence in our lives
  • accept the gifts that they offer
  • and allow their energy to be expressed in life-giving alternative ways.

When we face our personal shadow... then often our internal "beast," "frog," "ghost," or "Medusa" - we've been running away from in fear - is then "magically" transformed into the "handsome prince" or "beautiful princess" we'd been searching for all along.

Ninety per cent of the shadow is redeemable!

The Shadow
So where does the 8th house shadow most effect your life?
Look for the planets contained within the 8th house of your birth (natal) chart. If (for example) Venus is located in the 8th house of your birth chart - then it may point to unresolved fears and anger around the area of your ability to positively relate to other people and/or to receive pleasurable enjoyment from life.

No planets in the 8th house? Then look at the planet that rules the Zodiac Sign located on the cusp (beginning point) of your 8th house and the planets that aspect that planet. For example... if the sign on the 8th house cusp is Aries, then look for Mars and the planets that aspect Mars in your natal chart.

I Plead Guilty
Now in typical, traditional Scorpionic fashion - I've been guilty of telling you
all the bad news about the 8th house...

I've not concentrated on the gifts granted through experiences of the 8th house...

If you look in your 8th house and notice several planets located there (as a friend of mine did and swore all her planets had gotten together for a keg party extravaganza at the 8th house) - then DO NOT DESPAIR!!!!


The 8th house is also all about:

  • Transformation
  • New beginnings
  • Resurrection of the inner-christ
  • Shared resources
  • Deeply experiencing life to its fullest potential
  • and rising up triumphantly from the ashes...

[In writing of the Music of the Spheres:] "Ficino points out that the eighth sign [Scorpio], traditionally assigned to death, is therefore considered unfavourable. But from a theological perspective it is quite the opposite, as death frees the soul from the 'dissonance of the elemental world, restoring it to the heavenly harmony.' Thus its nature is truly represented in the perfect consonance of the eighth tone, or the octave." Angela Voss - "The Music of the Spheres - Ficino and Renaissance Harmonia"

Still Not Convinced? If you're still not convinced about the gifts of the 8th house - then I'll let you in on a little secret... yep, iIt's a little known mythological connection that you'll only hear on The Zodiac Master.(psst...continue on with me to see the secret!)

(or click here if you're bored to tears)