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Fate and God - Musings On Does God Exist and Who is He/She?

An Astrology Forum member once-upon-a-time left a posting having to do with the subject of belief in God.

The crux of the posting was that this person was no longer so sure that they still believed in the God that they had been brought up to believe in. Having now lived through difficult and hard to accept experiences, they’d come to the conclusion that they might now be an agnostic and even leaning toward a stance of atheism.

At the same time, it was confusing to them, because astrology had become a comfort for them in that it displayed there was some sort of order to the universe.

Never having been one to be especially plagued with doubts of the existence of a supreme being, I surfed away from this thoughtful but slightly confusing forum post.

Thinking it over... I realized that this sincere and searching individual was most probably not an agnostic or atheist about the idea of there being a God. They were, however, in limbo about the childhood God that they had been brought up to believe in.

The Dark Journey
I, too, many years ago had gone through this painful limbo and through my own personal "dark night of the soul" struggles with God and who God is (or isn't). I, myself, had walked away from God and then back again.

It's been a very long time since I, myself, believed in the limiting and judgmental God of my young adulthood years.

The very painful death of this God (created in my own image) nevertheless never negated my belief in the divine and/or in my sense of divine purpose. In fact - into my late 30s to early 40s it had become an almost humorous yearly ritual weighing the decision of whether or not to attend seminary in preparation for "the ministry."

Angels and Demons
Logging off the Internet, I began winding down from my long and emotionally draining day. Crawling into bed, I pulled out my copy of a novel I'd recently begun, "Angels and Demons" written by Dan Brown, and author of the best-seller "Da Vinci Code."

Starting where I’d left off… one of the main characters of "Angels and Demon," Vittoria (a conveniently beautiful and world renowned CERN scientist), asked the novel’s hero, Harvard professor Dr. Robert Langdon a probing question. She wanted to know if he, an expert in the study of religious symbols, still believed in God.

After a rather lengthy and heady reply having to do with the various world religions (and sounding eerily reminiscent of a "sermon" I might have given on the topic), she interrupted Langdon saying that she hadn’t asked him whether or not he believed in one of the religions conceived of by men. She wanted to know if he believed in God.

Grabbing My Attention
As it has many times in the past, the universe had caught my attention with this "out of the blue" synchronicity - and so much for my hoped for goal of winding down and falling asleep.

Unfortunately, I suppose that you're now expecting me to provide an answer and/or moral to the story as to why the universe wanted to catch my attention at that particular moment. However, I believe (no pun intended) that I've previously mentioned in this series of articles on the subject of Fate, that I had plans of being better at asking you hard questions than that of giving you easy answers.

To be honest, all this talk of God and/or the belief in God wasn't happening in a vacuum. However, I share a little more about that in the series of Death and Dying articles: "A Time To Live, a Time To Die."

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