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Jung and Reincarnation

Did C. G. Jung believe in the metaphysical theory of general reincarnation?

I think I'm about to shock (and disappoint) more than a few folks in my answer to this question, but the fact is that we’ll probably never really know.

Yes... many of you have doubtless read one or more of the plethora of New Age books out there on the subject of reincarnation containing quotations from Jung. Some of these books take the extra step of attempting to show that Jung believed in reincarnation.

However, Jung was intentionally silent as to where he personally stood on the subject of reincarnation.

Any quotes by Jung that you’ve read to the contrary - they were either taken out of context, unsupportable inferences were made to "connect the dots," and/or Jung was simply misquoted.

In fact… very late in life, when discussing reincarnation in Memories, Dreams, and Relfections Jung reminded us that the supreme Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, had been silent when it came to the yeah or nay of general reincarnation.

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