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Epimetheus - Hindsight is 20/20...

I'm so glad that you had the foresight to click on the link that brought you here.

That's because, according to astrologer, Liz Greene - there's another fascinating chapter to the story of Prometheus that heavily relates to the archetypal energy of Aquarius.

It seems that the Titan god, Prometheus (literally meaning foresight) had a brother by the name of Epimetheus (literally meaning hindsight...)

Let's set the stage... Zeus, chief Olympian god, is more than a little ticked off at Prometheus because of humanity receiving the gift fire from the rebellious Titan god. So Zeus comes up with a way to have his revenge on both humanity and Prometheus at the very same time.

How does Zeus do this? Zeus creates the physically perfect woman (think super-model). He creates this physically perfect woman and then names her, Pandora.

I believe you may have heard of Pandora and her infamous box? Zeus offers the, oh so, tempting Pandora to Prometheus as his bride. Better yet... she comes complete with an unopened box of "gifts" and "treasures" from Olympus.

Prometheus, however, takes one look at the lovely, mouth-watering Pandora (remember, now - his name means foresight) and tells Zeus something to the effect of "thanks, but no thanks." One can only assume his liver was still smarting a wee bit from the eagle snacks.

Then Zeus offers Pandora to the Titan's brother, Epimetheus... (Whoops! We're in trouble now...) Epimetheus, significantly less thoughtful and much more naive than his older brother is, takes one look at the lovely, mouth-watering Pandora (remember, now -- his name means hindsight) and asks Zeus something to the effect of "how fast can I take her home?" One can only assume he was thinking of something other than his liver at the time.

Hopefully, you've heard the rest of this story regarding Pandora and her box. Eventually, the box is opened, and plague-ridden creatures of all kinds invade the world. Some of the creature's names are: fear, terror, war, sickness, despair, depression and loneliness.

Yep! These are the "gifts" that Zeus gives to humankind in punishment for their having received the stolen fire from Prometheus. There is, however, one creature or gift down at the bottom of the pile that manages to partially redeem the situation for humanity.

The name of this creature or gift is "Hope."

Epimetheus (hindsight) represents the blinder, more naive side of Aquarian energy that doesn't recognize a villain until it's bit him on the liver.

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