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The final face of Aquarius is the Greek Titan god Menoitios.

I hate to break it to you - but very, very, very little is known about the 4th brother, Greek Titan god Menoitios.

In fact... all we know about Menoitios is that the late 8th century BC Greek poet Hesiod reported he was an "evil doer" that the chief Olympian god Zeus struck down for his foolhardiness and his lustful aggression.

When attempting to research the literal Greek meaning of Menoitios' name, I easily came up with earlier meanings for Menos (as used in Homer's Odyssey) - referring to: driving force, strength, and perseverance.

Resource: Eurykleia and Her Successors by Helen Pournara Karydas

Oitios (oiton) was originally a different matter... however (as also used in Homer's Odyssey) it apparently refers to: fate, doom, or death.

Resource: The Song of the Sirens By Pietro Pucci

Interestly enough... historian Thomas Keightley (1789 - 1872) in his short blurb about Menoitios gives us an alternative (and probably superior) derivation from the Greek menein ton oiton for "defying fate" with this phrase literally meaning: "to await death."

Resource: Mythology of Ancient Greece and Italy historian Thomas Keightley (1789 – 1872)

So there we have it... ill-fated power or defying fate... and when it comes to a more shadowy association with Aquarius, both probaby "fit."

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