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The Astrological Mars Do Drop In Saloon
(with affinities to Aries and the 1st house)

You Wake Up Lying a Pool of Cold Sweat...
You're hyperventilating... your heart's pounding a million miles a minute... and it takes you a few seconds to wake up and figure out that you've just woken up from a really bad and nasty dream...

And all you can remember from this horrible nightmare is that you were sitting in a dimly lit, ramshackle of a bar... you'd been sitting there on a bar stool minding your own business - when suddenly a bunch of wild, hairy, mean looking, Hell's Angels sorta guys come swaggering and staggering into the bar looking for a little trouble...

They immediately see you, and they decide to walk over and start giving you all that trouble they were looking for... "Hey, buddy! Whattaya staring at? Gotta problem? Wanta problem?"

At first, they merely start pushing you around a little - and you begin to get freaked about the whole situation (wondering just how in the hell you got yourself into this mess)...

But then - out of the corner of your eye... You see the flash of a switchblade!

These jerks grab you from behind and hold you down, as the biggest, meanest, ugliest, and hairiest dude (who's holding the knife at your throat) - yells in your face, "Hey man! We're gonna rip your guts out, right here and now!"

Well... Chances are you've just paid a visit to the Mars Do Drop In Saloon! And via the chariot of your unpleasant dream, you've just had a close, personal encounter with the angrier side of the god, Mars... Mars (called Ares by the Greeks) was the notorious god of War...

Welcome to the
Mars Do Drop In Saloon!

Rock on dude!
Continue on with the Mars Do Drop In Saloon!


Heck no!
This is way too rough for me

Home / Astrology / Nightmare

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