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In Search of Your Soul Mate? - Finding one's "soul mate" has become one of the top and most important guiding beliefs of our day and time!

New Year's Celebration and Renewal certain crucial elements of our modern day traditions are leftover remnants of old and forgotten traditions having their origin in ancient Babylon (circa 3500 BC).

Blame it on Plato - Believe it or not... the Western World “rebirth” of a belief in general reincarnation owes most of the credit to the ancient Greeks.


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Light and Dark Musings There is a long held Jungian depth psychology concept that overly identifying with the light constellates its compensatory opposite, shadow and darkness. This Shadow principle applies on both an individual and a societal level.

Astrology and the Persona Scouting out the room, I was both amused and amazed when the gifted medium, Pat Morton, resolutely shouted out: "There's two of him, there's two of him."

The Search For Meaning - Astrology is an ancient tool that - in concert with Jungian psychology - can support us in purposes of self-discovery, soul growth, and being "brought to completion."

Christopher Columbus, Astrology, and the Discovery of America Guarantee that you learned none of this in your High School history class.

Getting a Clue Yeah sure... all of this astrological Jungian psychological stuff is fine and grand... but how does all of this archetypal "psyche hocus pocus, mumbo jumbo" effect someone in real, everyday normal life?

Christopher Columbus, Astrology, and the Discovery of America Would there even be an "America" such as we know it today without astrology and astrological forecasting? I guarantee that you learned virtually none of this in your High School history class.

Know Thyself - All about the ancient Apollo's Oracle of Delphi and other divination oracles in general.

Mars In the Birth Chart The ancient Greek poet Homer described Ares, the Greek god of War (known to the Romans as Mars), as a hairy, foul, mean-mouthed, brute standing over 600 feet tall... the Greeks were never all that "comfortable" and/or "at ease" with the archetypal warrior energy contained within Ares (Mars). And neither are we...

The Astrological Sun In the astrological birth chart, one of the many things our birth Sun's heart energies will symbolize is that of "The Hero's Journey." The Sun's placement in our birth chart paradoxically symbolizes both the hero (and heart) of our personal quest and the treasure of gold we're questing for...

The Weird and Wonderful of Astrology The mysterious, the odd, and the downright wacky of astrology.

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“We are our own dragons as well as our own heroes, and we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves.” Tom Robbins

“You are a slave of what you need in your soul." Carl Jung - from the Red Book

"The only bad planet is the planet that isn't honored..." Richard Idemon

"No llores porque ya se terminó, sonríe porque sucedió." ("Don’t cry because it´s over, smile because it happened.")
- Gabriel García Márquez